Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Breadilicious Bowls Made in Heaven by Angels Pizza Pasta Combo

I lacked energy to work this afternoon because I haven't eaten much rice during lunch. The heavens heard my hungry stomach and sent me three bowls of breadilicious chicken and rice meals; of course, I shared them with my officemates. Thanks to the ever generous, kind, and sweet Annesy del Mundo of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo for the treats!

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken Teriyaki
So Breadelicious breaded chicken slices fried to perfection and drizzled with lustrous Teriyaki sauce and roasted sesame seeds on top of hot rice in a bowl fulfills cravings for Japanese cuisine. Its chicken meat without skin is brushed with special Teriyaki sauce several times before and during cooking; that makes this dish uniquely crispy, nutty, and sweet.
Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken with Creamy Sauce
So Breadelicious breaded slices of chicken drizzled with creamy sauce mixed with steamed corn and carrots on top of hot steamy rice whips out stress from a hard day's work. The creaminess on top of its meaty chicken, along with veggies on top, is something to look forward to, over and over again.

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken Parmigiana
So Breadelicious breaded slices of shallow fried chicken layered with cheese and tomato sauce baked to perfection on top of hot steamy rice tastes like pizza. Its Italian taste makes me ask for more of it. I love its cheesiness and the slightly sour whip of tomato sauce.

It was my first time to try these three newest additions to the family of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo, and I can say they all taste good. However, I love the Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken with Creamy Sauce more than the Chicken Teriyaki.
I foresee that in the coming weeks, I'll be craving for these breadelicious bowls again. Good thing is, Angels Pizza has a store branch in Recto and it's just a delivery away from my workplace.


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