Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico for Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hainanese Chicken and Frozen Yogurt

When I heard that Phil Younghusband will be at the Kenny Rogers' Bloggers Night tonight, I did not think twice and immediately confirmed my attendance to the event. I am neither a fan of football, The Azkals nor the Philyounghusband brothers, I would still die if I wouldn't take this opportunity to see them in person. And, of course, having Kenny Rogers as the host of this bloggers night is something to look forward to.
April 19, 2011
I've always loved Kenny Rogers Roasters since the very beginning, especially my longtime favorite Classic Healthy Plate. Now they are offering another deliciously healthy dish, the Kenny's Hainanese Chicken.
Say Hi to Hainanese Chicken!
Say hi to Hainanese Chicken! It is tender chicken gently poached, served with chili, ginger, and sweet soy sauces, and a cup of flavorful rice made with chicken stock and topped with toasted garlic. It also comes with a bowl of hot soup.
My Hainanese Chicken
So how was the Hainanese Chicken? I say, the chicken meat is juicy to the bones, the saltiness is just right--not too much. It is like you're eating chicken tinola, less the soup. Well, actually, the soup is in a separate bowl, though. One thing I noticed is that if you use only one of the sauces, it is some kind of boring to the taste; but if you apply the three sauces, one at a time, alternately, you will savor the taste of satisfaction, enjoying poached chicken in three different ways.

Kenny Rogers, being known for its healthily delicious products, also offers frozen yogurt, which comes with toppings of fruits, brownie, and graham bits. It's a healthy way of having desserts, after a meaty, savory chicken meal.
Kenny Rogers' Froyo in different toppings: brownies, assorted fruits, and graham bits
And as a proof of Kenny Rogers advocacy for healthy living, they also invited two of their newest product endorsers: Mica Tantuico, a professional triathlete, and Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Azkals Team. Unfortunately, James Younghusband, Phil's brother and teammate, and Lorraine Lapus, a champion surfer, were not able to come due to prior appointments. 
with Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico
With my deliciously healthy meal and dessert in one, Phil Younghusband

Phil and Mica are both living active and healthy lives, and these, they know, begin with deliciously healthy choices. That is why they choose Kenny. That is also why I love Kenny.

For more information, you can call (02)533-8888 or visit KRR's website at http://www.kennys.com.ph/. You might also want to like them at Facebook.

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