Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat with Magnolia Frozen Delights

It's Summer once again, and I can already feel the season's heat. The beach is too far from the city and there's no better way to quench my thirst than to munch on Magnolia Ice Cream Frozen Delights Pinipig Crunch Vanilla and Sweet Corn ♥ (This was my entry to the Magnolia Ice Cream Bloggers’ Party which was organized by Magnolia Ice Cream and San Miguel Pure Foods, at the Executive Dining Room, San Miguel Corporation.)

Magnolia Frozen Delights Pinipig Crunch, Php 13.00
Chocolate-coated ice cream on stick topped with rice crispies
Flavors: Vanilla Crisp & Sweetcorn

It was the launch of their comeback Frozen Delights. Bloggers were delighted with games and surprises, plus we were given  bunches of Magnolia ice cream products.
Magnolia Frozen Delights Fun Bar Surprise, Php 10.00
Ice cream on stick dipped in chocolate dip that comes in different colors
Flavors: Cool Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, & Choco Loco

Magnolia Frozen Delights Sweetie Bites, Php 11.00
Ice cream on stick with inclusions of cookies and cheese
Flavors: Cookie Craze & Cheezy Bliss

Magnolia Frozen Delights Popsies, Php 10.00
Ice Lolly perfect to quence your thirst during hot summer days and nights
Flavors: Choco Cool & Orange Chill

And the latest addition to the family of Magnolia Frozen Delights is the:
Magnolia Frozen Delights Spinner, Php 20.00
Ice Cream Cone with chocolate ripple and topped with nuts
Flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla

What are you waiting for? Visit your favorite Magnolia Ice Cream outlets and grab your cool desserts now. You can also visit their Facebook fanpage and like/share it with your family and friends.

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