Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico for Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hainanese Chicken and Frozen Yogurt

When I heard that Phil Younghusband will be at the Kenny Rogers' Bloggers Night tonight, I did not think twice and immediately confirmed my attendance to the event. I am neither a fan of football, The Azkals nor the Philyounghusband brothers, I would still die if I wouldn't take this opportunity to see them in person. And, of course, having Kenny Rogers as the host of this bloggers night is something to look forward to.
April 19, 2011
I've always loved Kenny Rogers Roasters since the very beginning, especially my longtime favorite Classic Healthy Plate. Now they are offering another deliciously healthy dish, the Kenny's Hainanese Chicken.
Say Hi to Hainanese Chicken!
Say hi to Hainanese Chicken! It is tender chicken gently poached, served with chili, ginger, and sweet soy sauces, and a cup of flavorful rice made with chicken stock and topped with toasted garlic. It also comes with a bowl of hot soup.
My Hainanese Chicken
So how was the Hainanese Chicken? I say, the chicken meat is juicy to the bones, the saltiness is just right--not too much. It is like you're eating chicken tinola, less the soup. Well, actually, the soup is in a separate bowl, though. One thing I noticed is that if you use only one of the sauces, it is some kind of boring to the taste; but if you apply the three sauces, one at a time, alternately, you will savor the taste of satisfaction, enjoying poached chicken in three different ways.

Kenny Rogers, being known for its healthily delicious products, also offers frozen yogurt, which comes with toppings of fruits, brownie, and graham bits. It's a healthy way of having desserts, after a meaty, savory chicken meal.
Kenny Rogers' Froyo in different toppings: brownies, assorted fruits, and graham bits
And as a proof of Kenny Rogers advocacy for healthy living, they also invited two of their newest product endorsers: Mica Tantuico, a professional triathlete, and Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Azkals Team. Unfortunately, James Younghusband, Phil's brother and teammate, and Lorraine Lapus, a champion surfer, were not able to come due to prior appointments. 
with Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico
With my deliciously healthy meal and dessert in one, Phil Younghusband

Phil and Mica are both living active and healthy lives, and these, they know, begin with deliciously healthy choices. That is why they choose Kenny. That is also why I love Kenny.

For more information, you can call (02)533-8888 or visit KRR's website at http://www.kennys.com.ph/. You might also want to like them at Facebook.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patikim Ako was Quoted by Groupon Beeconomic

I was so overwhelmed when Superfriend Edel told me that I was quoted by Groupon Beeconomic on their P199 instead of P399 for a lunch buffet at Good Earth Tea Room deal. I immediately opened the site and saw that it was true, having my name next to the ever famous food blog, Dessert Comes First.

Here's the snapshot of Groupon Beeconomic and an enlarged screenshot of the excerpt of my blog post. You can actually read the whole article here

Because of so much joy, I bought 4 coupons under this promo, as my long-overdue birthday treat for Superf, Marecoy, and Lil Sis. At long last, reality is at hand, with a Php-800 worth of savings. Not bad.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pigging Out at The Flying Pig: A Guilty Pleasure

Last April 6, 2011, I met with fellow food bloggers for dinner at The Flying Pig. I got curious about the name of this new restaurant because the term, "The Flying Pig" has many connotations. Now I already have the answer: The Flying Pig is the newest addition to The Red Crab family, and it offers different sets of dishes with, of course, PORK.
Food bloggers pigging out at The Flying Pig
Here are some photos to share:
Apple Cream Soup, Php175/bowl
Golden delicious apples, half and half, and smoked bacon bits
Bacon and Bleu Cheese Salad, Php355/plate
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbed croutons, smoked bacon, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, golden delicious apples, and cured bacon vinaigrette
The Flying Pig, Php295/plate
Chicken wings, honey-cured bacon, sweet & tangy buffalo sauce
Patatim Pata Tom, P595/plate
Braised pork knuckles with light soy anise broth, Shitake mushrooms,  bokchoy, and fried cuapao buns
The Pork Treasure Pot, Php365/pot
Chinese style dry pot, pork ribs, mushrooms, flavored rice, anise, Chinese sausage, bokchoy
Kung Fu Spiced Spare Ribs, Php385/plate
Pork spare ribs, secret Shanghai spices and peppers
The Flying Pig's Cuchi Prito, Php365/plate
Slow Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly, P395/plate
Pork belly, soy anise broth, wild mushrooms, bokchoy and whipped potatoes
Three Little Pigs Cabbage Rolls, Php265/plate
Beef and pork burrito, bacon, cabbages, smoked barbeque sauce and sharp Cheddar cheese
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Php165/slice
Grandma's Chocolate Cake, Php155/slice
Caramel Panacotta
It is good to know that there is The Flying Pig now. Pork lovers can enjoy a satisfying dinner without sacrificing their love of meat, and their budget as well. It is, indeed, one of the guilty pleasures I'll be wanting to try over and over again.
Eastwood Mall
188-E Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Tel No. (02)9000886
Thanks again to Ms. Xchosa and Alex for the treats!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat with Magnolia Frozen Delights

It's Summer once again, and I can already feel the season's heat. The beach is too far from the city and there's no better way to quench my thirst than to munch on Magnolia Ice Cream Frozen Delights Pinipig Crunch Vanilla and Sweet Corn ♥ (This was my entry to the Magnolia Ice Cream Bloggers’ Party which was organized by Magnolia Ice Cream and San Miguel Pure Foods, at the Executive Dining Room, San Miguel Corporation.)

Magnolia Frozen Delights Pinipig Crunch, Php 13.00
Chocolate-coated ice cream on stick topped with rice crispies
Flavors: Vanilla Crisp & Sweetcorn

It was the launch of their comeback Frozen Delights. Bloggers were delighted with games and surprises, plus we were given  bunches of Magnolia ice cream products.
Magnolia Frozen Delights Fun Bar Surprise, Php 10.00
Ice cream on stick dipped in chocolate dip that comes in different colors
Flavors: Cool Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, & Choco Loco

Magnolia Frozen Delights Sweetie Bites, Php 11.00
Ice cream on stick with inclusions of cookies and cheese
Flavors: Cookie Craze & Cheezy Bliss

Magnolia Frozen Delights Popsies, Php 10.00
Ice Lolly perfect to quence your thirst during hot summer days and nights
Flavors: Choco Cool & Orange Chill

And the latest addition to the family of Magnolia Frozen Delights is the:
Magnolia Frozen Delights Spinner, Php 20.00
Ice Cream Cone with chocolate ripple and topped with nuts
Flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla

What are you waiting for? Visit your favorite Magnolia Ice Cream outlets and grab your cool desserts now. You can also visit their Facebook fanpage and like/share it with your family and friends.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Doughnut Break @ Country Style in La Casarita

Before going to a blog event yesterday, my Superfriend and I stopped over at Country Style in La Casarita, San Miguel, Manila. We had a piece of doughnut each while waiting for Edwin to pick us up. Here's my plate.

It's a good thing that there's Country Style nearby. We don't have to go to SM Manila just to have yummy doughnuts for merienda.