Thursday, March 3, 2011

Want Do You Think About Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

I am overweight. That is the sad truth behind my efforts to eat less and exercise more, and the irony of my being a food blogger. So when I knew about this Hypnosis For Weight Loss thing, I got curious. How can it be possible?

According to reliable sources, hypnosis is done though hypnotic induction, where the person undergoes a series of instructions and suggestions, administered by an expert or the person himself. Simon Warner, hypnotherapist and creator of the Make Me Thin! System, having tons of experiences in hypnosis, said that by following a series of simple steps, which are indicated in his Weight Loss Hypnosis CD, can really help you shred some pounds. In his website, you can have an overview of how it works.

Now I ask you: Are you willing to take the challenge?

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