Monday, March 28, 2011

John Bamboo Sate House: A Taste of Indonesia Cuisine at the Heart of Nuvali

It was my first time in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I heard a lot of good things about this place: fresh air, nature trails, koi pond, and good food. I never thought I would be here last Saturday. Thanks to my good friend, Alex Dizon, for bringing me along to experience Nuvali.

It was also my first time at John Bamboo Sate House by Red Crab. It caters Indonesian cuisine, which Chef Peter Ayson tries to introduce to Filipinos. A Filipino by nature, he grew up in Indonesia for more than 10 years and that made him an expert in reinventing Indonesian dishes to suit the Filipino taste. Chef Nur is also there to tell us how great their specialties are.

We really had a great time, sharing laughters, giggles, and jokes, over lunch, not to mention the sumptuous meal we shared that sunny Saturday, which includes:
Soup Buntut, Php245
classic Indonesian oxtail soup (above and below photos)

Balinese Seafood Chowder, Php265
 creamy seafood soup with Indonesian spices

Lumpia Semarang, Php165
fried spring roll fried with bamboo shoots

Bakwan Jagung Manis, Php155
sweetcorn fritters with shrimps

Mie Goreng, Php255
fried egg noodles with vegetables, chicken, and shrimps

Beef Semur, Php279
beef stewed in sweet soy sauce

Bebek Goreng Dengan Sambal, Php595
fried crispy duck with assortment of sauces

Beef Embal with Balado Sauce, Php279
deep fried marinated beef with chili sauce

Tumis Kangkong Dengan Tempe, Php185
sauteed kangkong with chili and fried fermented soybeans

Fish Sate, Php245 (6 sticks) Php398 (12 sticks)
grilled fish skewers served with peanut sauce

Classic Pork Sate, P178 (6 sticks) Php298 (12 sticks)
grilled pork loin skewers with peanut sauce

Mixed Seafood Sate Sampler, Php565
fish, squid and prawns sate served with peanut sauce

Bika Ambon Cake, Php155
Indonesian sweet lemon grass cake

From left to right:
Soda Gembira (soda milkshake) Php135
Ice Cendol (Indonesian coconut milk cooler with gulaman and palm sugar syrup) Php135
Soup Buah (Indonesian fruity fruit shake) Php135
Markisa-Seven (markisa syrup and seven up) Php95

The photos say it all: yummy, unique, and filling. But if you are going to ask me what I loved the most, it would be the oxtail soup, the fried duck, the fried noodles, and the sauteed fermented soybeans with kangkong. And not to forget the ice-cold passion fruit juice.
Executive Chef Peter Ayson is right when he said that restaurants should not be intimidating. In other words, food hubs like this should be a venue for relaxation and satisfaction. It should be a place where customers can feel at-home, enjoy the food, and bond with loved ones. That's what John Bamboo offers to the public: good ambience, good service, and more importantly, good food. That's what I experienced upon visiting them. I hope they will continue the tradition.
John Bamboo Sate House is located in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and you can contact them at tel. no. (02) 861-9563.


Alex Dizon said...

Ay, mas magaganda ang food shots mo... Talo kami. Hehehe.

Nicely said...

@Alex: Naks! Na-flatter naman ako. Thank you sa compliment. Ibig bang sabihin nyan, magiging sikat na din akong tulad mo?