Saturday, February 26, 2011

Have Your Breakfast Anytime of the Day at Figaro Coffee Company

Drinking coffee is becoming a significant part of the Filipino lifestyle. That is why more and more coffee shops are opening in the market nowadays. Coffee lovers can now get a sip anytime of the day because coffee shops are just about anywhere.

Good news is, aside from the availability of coffee whenever you need a sip or two, Figaro Coffee Company, one of the leading coffee shops in the Philippines today, also offers the All-Day Breakfast perfectly for clients who believe in the power of eating breakfast before heading to another day's work.

You can choose from four (4) viands: Pork Longganisa (P175), Classic Corned Beef (P175), Marinated Boneless Bangus (P150), and Beef Tapa Supreme (P150); each served with garlic rice, tomato-cucumber salsa, fried farm fresh egg, and 8oz. brewed coffee.

I personally love the marinated boneless bangus. Aside from the fact that it is boneless, its meat is well-marinated, making it more flavorful. At first, I thought I would like the beef tapa supreme because I am more of a meat lover; however, I find the beef tapa dull and ordinary. So if ever I get the chance to visit Figaro again, I am going back for the fish, and of course, this one:

My White Choco Macadamia Frost (P125)

All-Day Breakfast is available in all branches of Figaro nationwide, so make it a habit to drop by at your favorite outlet and fuel up!

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