Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers: The Godfather's Treat for Everyone

Gambino Family, Gotti's Cheese, Frenchy, Pat and Geno's Sandwich, Caesar Salad, Margherita Burger, Potato Chips, Michael's Prime, Goodfellas House Steak, Santino's, Jimmy Two Times, Flamingo Wings, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, Pollo "Chicken" Rackettes, and WiseGuy Burger.

At first, you'll think I am talking about movie characters or what. Actually, yes. Kind of. This is what Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers is all about: good food with names derived from mafia movies. I really had fun doing the name game with co-bloggers, memorizing all the names from the menu and pointing each out for a spoonful reward of such.

Thanks to Annesy del Mundo for inviting us, bloggers to have dinner at Goodfellas Steaks and Burgers in Kamuning, Quezon City. It was a weeknight but I had no regrets going to the event. I really had one of the most satisfying dinners in my entire food blogging existence. No stir.

Here's a glimpse of what we shared together.

Flamingo Wings: otherwise known as the chili buffalo wings (P220 solo; P395 to share).

Jimmy Two Times: two-way porkchop served with mixed vegetables and rice pilaf or mashed potato (P295).
Gambino Family: shrimp salpicao (P425 to share). Just like what I said a hundred times, shrimp is one of my weakness so what's the fuss? Never mind the diet.
Gotti's Cheese: Mozarella sticks served with tomato salsa dip (P365 to share). I can say that it's better than my Monte Cristo.
Pat and Geno's Sandwich: famous Philadelphia Angus cheese steak sandwich (P220 solo; P275 combo)
Margherita Burger: 100 grammer charbroiled burger, roasted tomato, mozzarella, basil, and cheese sauce (P220 solo; P275 combo).
WiseGuy Burger: 200 grammer honey-cured bacon cheese burger (P295 solo; P345 combo).
Frenchy: steak fries (P120 to share). Just plain and salted, to prolly balance the taste of steak.
Potato Chips (P120 solo). Just like the Frenchy, it's plain and salted, obviously for the same purpose as the former.
Caesar Salad (P275). Meat, meat, and meat could be sickening, so here's a plate of fresh vegetables to neutralize the meaty sense.

And now, the great part is the Steak Part. I am more of a carnivore so meat really makes me weak to the bones.

Michael's Prime: 12-14 ounces U.S. CAB Prime Rib (P995)
Goodfellas House Steak: 8-10 ounces Angus House Steak (P345)
And for my order, I had Santino's. It's a 10-12 U.S. CAB Ribeye for only P975. As I shared it with colleagues, I found out that it is meat is more tender than Michael's Prime, and compared to Goodfellas House Steak, it's tastier. Because of their Santino's, I'll always come back at Goodfellas! 

They also offer meals for lunch, just like what Annesy made us try:
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano: sautéed Salchicha Hungaro topped off with mashed potato or Pilaf Rice & buttered vegetables (P185). The sausages are tender, juicy, and meaty with a perfect chili flavor; 
and Pollo "Chicken" Rackettes: barbeque-marinated Chicken Quarter served w/ side salad, mashed potato or pilaf rice & buttered vegetables (P185). It is perfect for those who want some protein-fiber-carbo loading to boost the day up.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Ocean Surf Experience at Marriot Cafe

Last January 14, bloggers dove into an entire buffet spread of ocean treasures prepared by Marriot's Cafe. It was totally a feast of the finest seafood and meat choices, of which I had an extravagant gastronomic experience.

And to make you salivate, here are some photos which I took during the event. 

Even Chef demonstrated and cooked for us, one of his specialties, "Nilasing na Hipon." Although I didn't try it because the shrimp is still moving--and it's part of the show--my co-bloggers said it was good. Next time, I'll try it, too. 

And here's my share...
 stuffed ravioli with shrimps & mushrooms in cream sauce
 fresh rock lobsters, clams, and shrimp
 Chili Chinese soup with jelly fish, century egg, and veggies
 for dessert
 Italian ice cream; flavored Bailey's, mango sorbet, and vanilla

"Let me breathe first." That's what I told my colleagues after the meal. I just couldn't breathe any more because I was full. The food was really satisfying and the dessert just added to the calories I have to burn. It was time to unbutton the pants. Hahaha!

For those who want to experience Marriot's Cafe's Ocean Surf's seafood buffet, it will be available every Friday and Saturday dinner at Php 1,750nett for adults and Php 875nett for children. Children below 12 get in for half the price while children below 6 get in for free! For more information, you can call (632)988-9999.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill is Back to Redefine Tuna

I have discovered a restaurant—a comfortable and peaceful place—along Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City that offers the best tuna recipes in town. Joseph and Jaemark’s Family Grill, that is.
First Visit

The first time I heard about it, thru a blogger friend’s invite, there’s no turning back—I said I’m going. I was really curious then, knowing that years ago, it was the same restaurant at the Cuneta Astrodome, Cubao that conquered the hearts of tuna lovers from all over the town. So I tried it, and yes, the food was awesome. I had no regrets and promised to myself I shall return.
Crispy Buntot (Tuna Tail), Large, P415

Oh-la-la! The best crispy buntot (tuna tail) ever! It tastes just like lechon kawali, less the cholesterol, and plus the Omega 3. The sauce perfectly matches the dish; it is made up of soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, and margarine.

Here are the other dishes Joseph and Jaemark's prepared for us:

Tuna Belly, Medium, P270

Catfish Salad, P200

Coco Prawns, P450

Pork Spareribs, P220

Stuffed Pechay, P160

Bicol Express, P145

Pork Balls, not yet included in the menu

Second Visit
The second visit was more special as it was our college barkada’s reunion. After several years, we found time to gather together and share what has happened to us after graduation. It was heartwarming to see them again, and to talk about our lives while sharing good food and good music.

The food on our table:
Crispy Buntot (Tuna Tail), Large, P415

Inihaw na Liempo, P150

Stuffed Pechay, P160

We also ordered Pork Binagoongan (P225), Grilled Pusit (P175), and Chopsuey (P130) but too unfortunate to take photos.  

Third Visit

Abbie is here! Abbie is one of my closest friends in the blogging community. She is now based in Cebu and seldom do we see each other. When she visited Manila, together with Edel and Mee-i, we decided to spend a night together at Joseph and Jaemark’s because we knew it would be the perfect place where we could have dinner, chat, and laugh out loud at small things that, for others, are non-sense (but for us, it’s—ahmmm—yes, something to ponder on).

And here are what we ordered:
Pork Sisig, P200

 Lechon Kangkong, P120

We also tried Laing (P120), and ordered our most favorite veggie dish, Stuffed Pechay.

What can I say about the...

Food: Joseph and Jaemark's Family Grill offers a wide variety of Filipino dishes that satisfies the taste of every customer. May it be a tuna, pork, or vegetable delicacy, it would never disappoint the diner because one thing is for sure, it is delicioso!

Place: The resto is a nice place, really. When you are inside, you can have a home-y experience. Not to mention the structure and architecture of the facade, walls, windows, doors and furniture that have a touch of Spanish culture. The back yard is transformed into a zen garden with wooden chairs and tables (with big umbrellas like Starbucks'). It is a perfect nook to have an ice-cold beer or two, with your friends while listening to good music and enjoying the cool breeze of the night. And yes, the restrooms are clean.

Service: The waiters, cashiers, cook, and guards are friendly and approachable, always on call when you need them. Even the owners are kind and charming. I am glad that I had the chance to meet them in person.

Alex Dizon
Edel Mabalay
Mee-i Velasco