Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I Dislike Dunkin' Donuts' Sansribav

I thought that Dunkin' Donuts' Sansribav would taste like real sansrival but all I felt was nothing but sugar, a little textured and rough. My expectation has not been met. 

With a Big Dunk bavarian donut, only topped with over sweet white icing and some toasted coco sprinkles and nuts, I think it is overpriced for P45.


Friday, September 9, 2011

So Sick Yet So Sweet Friday

Hey, I am on a sick leave today due to fever, tonsillitis, colds, and mild asthma. But look at what I made for merienda!
Hany Chocnut-flavored Graham Cake

Langka-flavored Graham Cake
Sorry, guys. I can't beat the crave. I am so sick. Haha.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dole® Bananas to Start Every Day Full of Happiness and Love

I am not much of a banana eater. I'd rather choose oranges or apples or grapes. But now that I am taking the challenge of No-Rice Policy to lose some weight, I have to replace rice and other carbo-filled food with a supplement that is rich in vitamins and minerals—take note that a serving of a 100-gram banana has 23 grams of carbohydrates. Hearing about bananas as among the qualifiers, I put it on top of my list.
Aside from carbohydrates, banana is also a good source of potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins a, b (thiamine), and c. I have also known that bananas are rich in protein, which is converted to serotonin—a hormone that is known to improve your mood and make you feel happy. Now, tell me, aren't bananas a great package? I won't be having a hard time losing weight any more because I am learning to love my banana and—of course, it is better shared with the ones you love so dearly.
Here's my Entry to the Banana Morning Motto Contest
And speaking of bananas, Dole Philippines launched an online contest dubbed as "Banana Morning Motto," which runs until September 4, 2011. This aims to encourage its consumers and other people to face the day with a positive morning.
In this contest, participants are expected to write down their daily morning mottoes on a banana. If you are interested to join, here's the mechanics:
  • Like the @Dole Fresh Philippines fan page;
  • Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application on the left tab of the page;
  • And simply upload a photo of your morning motto written on a DOLE® Cavendish Banana (make sure you’ve got the Dole sticker in place);
  • Share it with your friends to get votes and increase your chances of winning!
Cool prizes, such as an Executive Massage gift certificate from The Spa, as well as free ten (10) sessions of Zumba Classes, await the winner.

To check and browse other entries, you may proceed to the Banana Morning Motto gallery here:
More questions to ask? Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Authentic Filipino Dish - Lumpiang Shanghai by

Picnic with your friends and family is such a wonderful experience if celebrated with great dishes that are easy and quick to prepare. Most dishes in this category are grilled meat, fish, and even vegetables. These kinds of dishes offer a delightful taste that can be prepared and served in the picnic. Most family picnic recipes are also prepared at home. Most of which are salads, quiches, and pastries. Fried dishes are often avoided since it provides lots of fats and calories.

If you're sick and tired of the usual dishes you prepare for your family picnic. There are many options that you can take. If you often serve American dishes, why not try dishes that are very popular in other countries. Lumpiang Shanghai is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines made with ground pork or beef, carrots, onion, and spices. Although it's a fried dish, you can always make it healthy with the use of canola or vegetable oil - rich in omega 3, and vegetable fillings. Meat products such as pork or beef are the main ingredient of this Filipino dish. Here are some of the important reminders before you buy meat product in commercial and public markets. 

How to Pick Fresh Meat

You might have heard some news about meat products being subject for inspection because of known diseases such as the 'foot and mouth' disease. With this thing in mind, you can never be too careless in choosing meat products to serve for your family. Although fresh meat is guaranteed in known markets, it's still important that you know how to pick one.

- The storage life of meat is short. By looking at the sell-by date, you'll have an idea of how fresh the meat is. If you're going to buy meat in vacuum-packed cuts, expect a longer sale period. Pork and beef have shorter sale period - 1 day for beef and 3- 5 days for pork.
- The coloring is also important in determining the freshness of the meat. Fresh ground beef is red on the outside with a purple shade on the inside. Pork is usually pale in color.
- The last thing you must do is to press the meat firmly. It should spring right back if it's really fresh.

Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Now that you already have fresh meat (ground pork or beef), you can proceed on preparing the other ingredients for the recipe. These ingredients easily found in the market and you won't have to worry about looking for one.


Vegetable or canola oil
2 pounds ground pork or beef
4 crushed garlic cloves
1 cup of onion (chopped)
1 cup of green onions (chopped)
1 cup of carrots (minced)
1 cup of sliced cabbage (preferably thin)
2 teaspoon(s) of salt
2 teaspoon(s) of garlic powder
2 teaspoon(s) of ground pepper
2 teaspoon(s) of soy sauce
Lumpia wrappers


- Put a large skillet or wok over high temperature and pour in 2 tablespoon(s) of vegetable or canola oil. Cook the ground pork or beef by stirring frequently until you can't see any pink coloring.
- Once you're finished with the meat, you can set is aside and drain the grease from the cooking pan.
- With a thin layer of oil coating, cook the garlic and onion for 2 - 3 minutes.
- Now you can sauté the meat with the garlic and onion. Add the carrots, green onions, and cabbage.
- Season it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and soy sauce. Once you achieve your preferred taste, remove it from heat and set aside until it's cool enough.
- Prepare the lumpia wrappers by pealing it off from each other. It's quite a challenge so you might to apply some water on the edges to make it easy for you to peal.
- With a lumpia wrapper placed on a smooth surface, put 3 tablespoons of cooked pork and vegetable filling on the wrapper, creating a 1-inch width line that ends near the wrappers edges.
- Fold the sides along the length of the filling, tuck in both ends and roll it neatly.
- You must keep the roll tight. Seal the edge of the lumpia wrapper by moistening it with water. Once you're done with filling the wrappers, it's time for your to cover the rolls with plastic to retain its moisture.
- Heat the large pan over medium heat. Pour in the vegetable or canola oil about 1-inch depth. Fry the lumpia rolls for 2 - 3 minutes until it turns golden brown.
- After frying, you can let the lumpia rest in an oil absorbing paper or tissue. Serve while it's warm!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Facebook Contest Alert! Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's So Breadilicious Bowls for Free

Patikim Ako: So Breadilicious Bowls Made in Heaven by Angels Pi...: "I lacked energy to work this afternoon because I haven't eaten much rice during lunch. The heavens heard my hungry stomach and sent me three..."


You and your friends may get a chance to try these new products FOR FREE by simply joining their Facebook contest. All you need is LIKE Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo and tag 5 friends in their provided FB wall post format (Please see the MECHANICS HERE). Five (5) lucky winners will get a prize of 1 big family pizza of your choice, 6 sets of breaded chicken bowl, and 2 1.5 bottles of softdrinks. Hurry now before the promo ends!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Foodie Friday: Goya Malt Crunch

This is my merienda for this afternoon.

Goya Malt Crunch is one of the latest additions to the Goya chocolate family. Its thick chocolate coating tastes a bit too sweet, but the milky malt crunch inside neutralizes the sugar. I love its creaminess and, of course, its chocolaty round crunchies. My officemates love it, too!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Breadilicious Bowls Made in Heaven by Angels Pizza Pasta Combo

I lacked energy to work this afternoon because I haven't eaten much rice during lunch. The heavens heard my hungry stomach and sent me three bowls of breadilicious chicken and rice meals; of course, I shared them with my officemates. Thanks to the ever generous, kind, and sweet Annesy del Mundo of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo for the treats!

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken Teriyaki
So Breadelicious breaded chicken slices fried to perfection and drizzled with lustrous Teriyaki sauce and roasted sesame seeds on top of hot rice in a bowl fulfills cravings for Japanese cuisine. Its chicken meat without skin is brushed with special Teriyaki sauce several times before and during cooking; that makes this dish uniquely crispy, nutty, and sweet.
Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken with Creamy Sauce
So Breadelicious breaded slices of chicken drizzled with creamy sauce mixed with steamed corn and carrots on top of hot steamy rice whips out stress from a hard day's work. The creaminess on top of its meaty chicken, along with veggies on top, is something to look forward to, over and over again.

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo's Chicken Parmigiana
So Breadelicious breaded slices of shallow fried chicken layered with cheese and tomato sauce baked to perfection on top of hot steamy rice tastes like pizza. Its Italian taste makes me ask for more of it. I love its cheesiness and the slightly sour whip of tomato sauce.

It was my first time to try these three newest additions to the family of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo, and I can say they all taste good. However, I love the Chicken Parmigiana and Chicken with Creamy Sauce more than the Chicken Teriyaki.
I foresee that in the coming weeks, I'll be craving for these breadelicious bowls again. Good thing is, Angels Pizza has a store branch in Recto and it's just a delivery away from my workplace.


You and your friends may get a chance to try these new products FOR FREE by simply joining their Facebook contest. All you need is LIKE Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo and tag 5 friends in their provided FB wall post format (Please see the MECHANICS HERE). Five (5) lucky winners will get a prize of 1 big family pizza of your choice, 6 sets of breaded chicken bowl, and 2 1.5 bottles of softdrinks. Hurry now before the promo ends!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoy the Fever of Dr. Pearl Cooler's Chantilly and Pearl Shakes

Last May 15, 2011, I was invited by Mr. Nino Gatdula, Development Manager of Dr. Pearl Cooler, to the launching of their new products and bloggers' event at Robinson's Place Dasmariñas, Cavite, the nearest blog event venue I attended so far. Bloggers were informed of significant trivia about the company which started to operate in 2006. Dr. Pearl Cooler, established in Taiwan in 1990, is the first in the country to introduce and popularize milk tea and other cold beverages from Taiwan. All their raw materials such as sago, jelly, flavored powder, cups, straws, and even tissue papers are imported from Taiwan. Dr. Pearl Cooler Philippines is in constant coordination with Dr. Pearl Cooler Taiwan to make sure they are able to provide the best quality of products and services to their clients.
Dr. Pearl Cooler at Robinson's Place, Dasmariñas City, Cavite
A wide selection of Chantilly flavors
Dr. Pearl Cooler's baby, solo, mellow, and lavish sizes for chantilly and pearl shakes
A perfect way to beat the summer's heat
We were given two choices for the pearl shake and chantilly. I chose BanaCoco for the pearl shake and Watermelon flavor for the chantilly.
BanaCoco Pearl Shake, Php 35 for baby-sized cup
It was my first time to combine Banana and Coconut flavors for a shake. I say these two are perfect together. Its being smooth in texture (I could not even feel the ice bits) and its being not too sweet give this product a suave feel to beat the summer heat.
Watermelon Chantilly, Php 52 for baby-sized cup
Other flavors of pearl shakes and chantilly blended shakes are:

Because it is so refreshing, watermelon has always been my favorite when it comes to fruit shakes. Like my BanaCoco shake, this smoothie, topped with vanilla whip cream and chocolate syrup and added with black pearls, is a cool way to enjoy bonding with family and friends. Its freshly-made sago is cooked al dente, making it feel rubbery but crunchy to the bite.
Puff Up popcorns for sale at Dr. Pearl Cooler
Aside from the cold drinks they served us, Dr. Pearl Cooler also presented the Puff Up popcorns for food tasting. There are 12 flavors to choose from namely chocolate, caramel, blue berry, butter scotch, sweet, cheese, matcha greentea, seaweed, garlic chicken, pepper salt, spring onion, and kimchi.

Bloggers with Mr. Nino Gatdula, Development Manager of Dr. Pearl Cooler
Before the event ended, Dr. Pearl Cooler staff asked us what four Puff Up flavors we love the most. I liked Pepper Salt, Seaweed, Garlic Chicken, and my most favorite of all, Kimchi, so these were the four packs I got to take home, along with the loot bag that included a tumbler, 3 ballpens, stickers, 3 gift certificates from Dr. Pearl Cooler, and CD-ed media kit.
What's in my loot bag?
If you also want to experience Dr. Pearl Cooler, you might want to visit their Facebook page at / or go to their branch personally at:

Upper Ground Floor
Robinson's Place-Dasma
Dasmariñas City, Cavite
Tel no. (045)8932711

For franchising, kindly e-mail at


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jollibee 39ers Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Fast Five Movie Screening, and Teleserv's Bloggers Event

Before Nice and I proceeded to the cinema for the bloggers' event hosted by Teleserv, we had our early dinner first at Jollibee just across Telus where I work. We could dine in some other restaurants but Nice was craving for Jollibee Chickenjoy so it was her call. It was a good thing I was able to order my favorite Jollibee 39ers, too.

Jollibee 39ers Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Jollibee 39ers Sweet and Sour Meatballs is one of my favorite in the #1 fast food chain in the country. It is chunky and saucy enough to satisfy my craving and fill my tummy in a cheaper cost. Perfect for a date when you're in a tight budget.

The Fast Five movie screening was great. Vin Diesel is still Vin Diesel, as he plays the action star that he really is. I love the transition of the scenes, especially when the cars are at its speediest. It was a truly awesome film and I am looking forward to Part VI.

I thank the Teleserv's Citizen Services for organizing the bloggers' event last May 4, 2011. This is one way to inform the public, through us bloggers, that the government is working hard to extend the basic social services that our people deserve.
To our blog readers, please feel free to experience the speedy, convenient, and efficient online services of our NSO, POEA, and DFA offices by visiting their websites. = for birth/marriage/death certificates, and/or certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) = for overseas exit clearance of OFWs vacationing in the Philippines = for passport application and renewal


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico for Kenny Rogers Roasters' Hainanese Chicken and Frozen Yogurt

When I heard that Phil Younghusband will be at the Kenny Rogers' Bloggers Night tonight, I did not think twice and immediately confirmed my attendance to the event. I am neither a fan of football, The Azkals nor the Philyounghusband brothers, I would still die if I wouldn't take this opportunity to see them in person. And, of course, having Kenny Rogers as the host of this bloggers night is something to look forward to.
April 19, 2011
I've always loved Kenny Rogers Roasters since the very beginning, especially my longtime favorite Classic Healthy Plate. Now they are offering another deliciously healthy dish, the Kenny's Hainanese Chicken.
Say Hi to Hainanese Chicken!
Say hi to Hainanese Chicken! It is tender chicken gently poached, served with chili, ginger, and sweet soy sauces, and a cup of flavorful rice made with chicken stock and topped with toasted garlic. It also comes with a bowl of hot soup.
My Hainanese Chicken
So how was the Hainanese Chicken? I say, the chicken meat is juicy to the bones, the saltiness is just right--not too much. It is like you're eating chicken tinola, less the soup. Well, actually, the soup is in a separate bowl, though. One thing I noticed is that if you use only one of the sauces, it is some kind of boring to the taste; but if you apply the three sauces, one at a time, alternately, you will savor the taste of satisfaction, enjoying poached chicken in three different ways.

Kenny Rogers, being known for its healthily delicious products, also offers frozen yogurt, which comes with toppings of fruits, brownie, and graham bits. It's a healthy way of having desserts, after a meaty, savory chicken meal.
Kenny Rogers' Froyo in different toppings: brownies, assorted fruits, and graham bits
And as a proof of Kenny Rogers advocacy for healthy living, they also invited two of their newest product endorsers: Mica Tantuico, a professional triathlete, and Phil Younghusband of the Philippine Azkals Team. Unfortunately, James Younghusband, Phil's brother and teammate, and Lorraine Lapus, a champion surfer, were not able to come due to prior appointments. 
with Phil Younghusband and Mica Tantuico
With my deliciously healthy meal and dessert in one, Phil Younghusband

Phil and Mica are both living active and healthy lives, and these, they know, begin with deliciously healthy choices. That is why they choose Kenny. That is also why I love Kenny.

For more information, you can call (02)533-8888 or visit KRR's website at You might also want to like them at Facebook.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patikim Ako was Quoted by Groupon Beeconomic

I was so overwhelmed when Superfriend Edel told me that I was quoted by Groupon Beeconomic on their P199 instead of P399 for a lunch buffet at Good Earth Tea Room deal. I immediately opened the site and saw that it was true, having my name next to the ever famous food blog, Dessert Comes First.

Here's the snapshot of Groupon Beeconomic and an enlarged screenshot of the excerpt of my blog post. You can actually read the whole article here

Because of so much joy, I bought 4 coupons under this promo, as my long-overdue birthday treat for Superf, Marecoy, and Lil Sis. At long last, reality is at hand, with a Php-800 worth of savings. Not bad.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pigging Out at The Flying Pig: A Guilty Pleasure

Last April 6, 2011, I met with fellow food bloggers for dinner at The Flying Pig. I got curious about the name of this new restaurant because the term, "The Flying Pig" has many connotations. Now I already have the answer: The Flying Pig is the newest addition to The Red Crab family, and it offers different sets of dishes with, of course, PORK.
Food bloggers pigging out at The Flying Pig
Here are some photos to share:
Apple Cream Soup, Php175/bowl
Golden delicious apples, half and half, and smoked bacon bits
Bacon and Bleu Cheese Salad, Php355/plate
Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbed croutons, smoked bacon, bleu cheese, candied walnuts, golden delicious apples, and cured bacon vinaigrette
The Flying Pig, Php295/plate
Chicken wings, honey-cured bacon, sweet & tangy buffalo sauce
Patatim Pata Tom, P595/plate
Braised pork knuckles with light soy anise broth, Shitake mushrooms,  bokchoy, and fried cuapao buns
The Pork Treasure Pot, Php365/pot
Chinese style dry pot, pork ribs, mushrooms, flavored rice, anise, Chinese sausage, bokchoy
Kung Fu Spiced Spare Ribs, Php385/plate
Pork spare ribs, secret Shanghai spices and peppers
The Flying Pig's Cuchi Prito, Php365/plate
Slow Cooked Kurobota Pork Belly, P395/plate
Pork belly, soy anise broth, wild mushrooms, bokchoy and whipped potatoes
Three Little Pigs Cabbage Rolls, Php265/plate
Beef and pork burrito, bacon, cabbages, smoked barbeque sauce and sharp Cheddar cheese
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, Php165/slice
Grandma's Chocolate Cake, Php155/slice
Caramel Panacotta
It is good to know that there is The Flying Pig now. Pork lovers can enjoy a satisfying dinner without sacrificing their love of meat, and their budget as well. It is, indeed, one of the guilty pleasures I'll be wanting to try over and over again.
Eastwood Mall
188-E Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Tel No. (02)9000886
Thanks again to Ms. Xchosa and Alex for the treats!