Friday, November 26, 2010

Ravioli Al Funghi @ Cantinetta, Burgos Circle, The Fort

I just can’t help myself from blogging about Cantinetta’s Ravioli Al Funghi!

Last Wednesday, I attended a blog event at Cantinetta, Burgos Circle, The Fort. We were asked to order for dinner and I chose Ravioli Al Funghi. Seeing the word “funghi” in the menu, I was reminded that I have the heart for mushrooms.

Ravioli Al Funghi @ Cantinetta

The first spoonful of Ravioli Al Funghi got me speechless. All I did was to savor it and feel all the creaminess inside—with closed eyes and in full concentration. Afterwards, I found myself telling my Superfriend, “Mmmm… Ang sarap nito! Ang sarap talaga! (Mmmm…This tastes delicious! Really delicious!)”

Ravioli Al Funghi is a dish made up of ravioli, an inch-squared pasta filled with porcini mushrooms in cream sauce. The ravioli is cooked al dente, and it complements the meaty porcini taste—which I suspected to have been generously sautéed in butter and herbs.

My score: 10. Obviously, it really satisfied my taste buds. I would love to go back at Cantinetta to have my second dose of it.
On a different note, Cantinetta also offers the best Parma Ham in the country.
I tried it myself, too, and I can say that it is really fresh, tender, and perfect with ripe mango slices.

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