Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee is the new trend and staying at coffee shops to bond with friends or talk about business is something that we Filipinos prefer nowadays.

But not me. I still prefer to drink my favorite instant coffee—Kopiko Brown Coffee in particular—alone or with my Mom at home, sitting around our marble-made round coffee table. I sometimes go to Starbucks with friends or to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with Yobs, but it seldom happens, maybe because I see it as expensive, impractical, and luxurious.

So now I am thinking: if given the chance—and the budget—to renovate our house, I would love to allocate a little space for a coffee nook, where I can just sit back and relax, or chat with Mommy, or receive guests, while sipping a cup of coffee. I am eyeing for a small glass top dining table, round coffee table, and plug-in chandelier to make the area more conducive to meditation and socialization. I see this as more intimate than in public coffee shops with all the noise and smoke around.

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