Thursday, November 25, 2010

3 Tips on How to Choose the Best Premium-Cut Ham in Town

Christmas is fast approaching. Have you bought the ham already? It should be ready by now, as it is the most important food of the Noche Buena. If you are still in the process of choosing the best tasting ham in town, here are three things you have to consider before buying.
1. It should be made from one whole boneless meat from the hind leg, which is the best cut of pork for hams. This part is the tastier and meatier compared to the more common shaped ham—shaped ham are already processed and sometimes meat from other parts of the pork are used to make it look like a whole.

2. Check for the netmarks. Only whole-meat hams can be smoked in ham nets because if it is not, pieces would fall off. Don't be deceived.

3. It should have no extenders. The appearance, taste, and texture would attest to that. The ham is meat, juicy, and flavorful, and consumers really get the best value for their money.
Chef Rob Pengson recommends CDO Holiday Ham, and being one of the best (and hottest) chefs in the country today, I trust his choice. We are also given sample dishes for some food tasting; I can say that CDO Holiday Ham is really the best.

CDO Owner even gave bloggers each of the CDO Premium-Cut Holiday! Thanks!

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