Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrimp Arabiatta, Czechuan Steak Linguini & Mississippi Mud Pie @ Burgoo Gateway

Yobs and I celebrated our 7th monthsary last night at Burgoo Gateway. We had a delightful dinner as we ordered Czechuan Steak Linguini, Shrimp Arabiatta and Mississippi Mud Pie. It was our first time to eat at Burgoo and I was fully satisfied with the food and service.

Szechuan Steak Linguini, P395.00 regular plate

Shrimp Arabiatta, P395 regular plate

Mississippi Mud Pie, P195 regular plate

I love the saucy and spicy flavor of the Szechuan Steak Linguini. Its flat pasta bounces just right, topped with brocolli, carrots, peanuts and parmesan cheese - and of course, szechuan and strips of beef steak. While the first dish is kind of flavorful, the Shrimp Arabiatta is less than salty and spicy for me. Simply put, it passed Yobs' delicate taste. Besides, shrimp - soft and crisp - is our common favorite.

Upon asking the food server what their bestseller for dessert is, we were informed that their Mississippi Mud Pie is a must-eat! Its white and choco drops, crunchy crust, slightly rough chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup - put together in one serving - is just like heaven. Who does not love chocolates anyway?

We will definitely come back at Burgoo.

Photo Credits: Thanks!
Shrimp Arabiatta - Life Bliss
Szechuan Steak Linguini - Mix of Everything
Mississippi Mud Pie - Beyond Toxicity 

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