Monday, September 6, 2010


What is the biggest change that happened in my life? Sounds like a piece in the Miss Universe's Q&A portion, isn't it? But seriously, I think the biggest change that happened in my life was when I got into my present relationship with Yobs: the self-centered and childish me now learns to be open-minded, rational, and mature enough to understand and deal with my emotions; his emotions; in different situations.

This is actually a matter of choice. It is surprisingly good to realize that this choice actually creates positive changes in my life every single day. By learning to be more giving, I am now enjoying my healthy relationships with family and friends. My life becomes sweeter each passing day because I now appreciate the people around me. I am loving what I am now because I am already a changed person: a better Nicely who I always wanted to be. Thanks to Yobs for showing me a whole new world where love and happiness lives.

And just like Goldilocks, I will never stop believing that I can still be better, I can learn more, and I can be of greater meaning for my loved ones. Thanks for the inspiration, Goldilocks! Thank you being part of my life! 

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