Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrimp Arabiatta, Czechuan Steak Linguini & Mississippi Mud Pie @ Burgoo Gateway

Yobs and I celebrated our 7th monthsary last night at Burgoo Gateway. We had a delightful dinner as we ordered Czechuan Steak Linguini, Shrimp Arabiatta and Mississippi Mud Pie. It was our first time to eat at Burgoo and I was fully satisfied with the food and service.

Szechuan Steak Linguini, P395.00 regular plate

Shrimp Arabiatta, P395 regular plate

Mississippi Mud Pie, P195 regular plate

I love the saucy and spicy flavor of the Szechuan Steak Linguini. Its flat pasta bounces just right, topped with brocolli, carrots, peanuts and parmesan cheese - and of course, szechuan and strips of beef steak. While the first dish is kind of flavorful, the Shrimp Arabiatta is less than salty and spicy for me. Simply put, it passed Yobs' delicate taste. Besides, shrimp - soft and crisp - is our common favorite.

Upon asking the food server what their bestseller for dessert is, we were informed that their Mississippi Mud Pie is a must-eat! Its white and choco drops, crunchy crust, slightly rough chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup - put together in one serving - is just like heaven. Who does not love chocolates anyway?

We will definitely come back at Burgoo.

Photo Credits: Thanks!
Shrimp Arabiatta - Life Bliss
Szechuan Steak Linguini - Mix of Everything
Mississippi Mud Pie - Beyond Toxicity 


Monday, September 6, 2010


What is the biggest change that happened in my life? Sounds like a piece in the Miss Universe's Q&A portion, isn't it? But seriously, I think the biggest change that happened in my life was when I got into my present relationship with Yobs: the self-centered and childish me now learns to be open-minded, rational, and mature enough to understand and deal with my emotions; his emotions; in different situations.

This is actually a matter of choice. It is surprisingly good to realize that this choice actually creates positive changes in my life every single day. By learning to be more giving, I am now enjoying my healthy relationships with family and friends. My life becomes sweeter each passing day because I now appreciate the people around me. I am loving what I am now because I am already a changed person: a better Nicely who I always wanted to be. Thanks to Yobs for showing me a whole new world where love and happiness lives.

And just like Goldilocks, I will never stop believing that I can still be better, I can learn more, and I can be of greater meaning for my loved ones. Thanks for the inspiration, Goldilocks! Thank you being part of my life! 


Longganisang Lucban

Longganisang Lucban for Sale

What: Longganisang Lucban
Where: Lucban, Quezon (If you're facing the Church, the store is at the left side)
When: April 1, 2010, Holy Thursday
Who: with Telus friends
Why: Visita Iglesia because it was Holy Week
How much: 12 pcs. = P120 (small); 12 pcs. = P180 (large)

Yobs says: It gets smaller when you fry it. Almost bite-size, perfect for rice. Masarap sya, kaso lang bitin.

Nicely says: One of the best longganisas in the Philippines; at par with that of Ilocos', at least for me. It is best eaten with fried rice and sunny side-up egg. If you're having it with plain rice, it's all right as long as you put a couple of teaspoonful of cooking oil (where you fried the longganisa) on your rice. Ugh, it's so sinful but yes, it makes you forget about the cholesterol.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bulalo @ Tantiongco's Resort, Talisay, Batangas

The story behind this bulalo thing is all about our Tagaytay trip which happened early today. I am blogging this for three minor reasons, which I will clearly state below, and for one major reason: to benefit those who seek my advice.

First, when you ask someone about directions and they answer you, think first before saying yes. Do not be blinded by their good offers. We asked a tricycle driver where we can have bulalo and he said he knows this place serving bulalo and at the same time, offering a packaged trip to Taal Volcano. The mention of Taal Volcano gave us so much excitement that we did not even bother to ask for the exact price. He just told us we can check the price list when we get there.

After the P150-worth and 20-minute tricycle ride, we got off at Tantiongco's Resort in Talisay, Batangas, downhill from Tagaytay City. We were disappointed after seeing the price range, P3,500 to P8,500: for foreigners. And for local tourists like us, by which the package includes back-and-forth boat ride, entrance fee to the resort and tour guide fee: P2,500. Take note: entrance fee to Taal Volcano itself and horseback riding rate excluded. The four of us decided not to go. Aside from the fact that the price is unreasonable, we do not want them - opportunists - to benefit from our over excitement and spur-of-the-moment decision.

Second, Tantiongco Resort's service is poor. How they treated us was actually below standards. When we arrived, no one from the resort received us. We had to be guided by our tricycle driver to the table we thought we can have the best view of Taal Volcano.

When we asked for another pitcher of drinking water, the man who acts as waiter, pointed to us a public faucet with flower boxes on both sides and said, "Ay, sir, doon po oh, kayo na lang po ang kumuha," with a smile on his face. The four of us threw each other a surprised question-marked look and said, "Dyosko, Manong, sana hindi na lang namin nalaman," while checking on our own glasses and seeing some residues in the water. Too late. We've almost emptied it.

But not all of Tantiongco's is thumbs down. My third and last point is: To be fair and honest, their bulalo is really good and we actually loved it. The serving was more than enough for us. The meat was tender; the bone marrow was super loved; and the soup was freshly hot. It has a unique savory taste, which is about as umamified as it gets. For comparison, Tantiongco's bulalo is equally good to that of LZM Lutong Bahay Specialties in Silang, Cavite. I just don't have any idea if the bulalo we have just had today gives justice to its P460.00 cost.

All in all, this trip to Talisay has turned out to be a great experience after all. There were lessons learned; that we can use as reference in our future Tagaytay trips. As I end this post, I would like you to know that this misadventure adventure won't stop me from traveling. In fact, this will push me to explore more and tell the world that life is not perfect but we can make the best out of it by simply enjoying what we have, where we are and who we are with.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The White Hat Introduces 10 New Hats for Yogurt Lovers

Yogurt is yummy but it's yummier with delightful toppings that suit your taste and craving! The White Hat never fails to surprise us with their great products and promos! Now 10 new exciting hats are available in store for everyone. Whether you're a chocolate lover, a health buff or just want to cool down and chill out, you can enjoy every cup of guilt-free White Hat yogurt for only P125 for a regular cup and P155 for a large cup.

The Baker's Hat - Cheesecake, Blueberry or Red Cherry, Almond Cluster
The Choco-Loco Hat - Brownies, Dark Choco Drops, Oreos
The Cobbler's Hat - Peaches, Crushed Graham, Walnut Streusel
The Camper's Hat - Marshmallows, Choco Syrup, Crushed Graham
The Wizard's Hat - Sprinkles, Fruit Loops, Marshmallows
The Health Nut Hat - Granola, Cranberry, Mango or Kiwi
The Cooky Hat - Cookie Dough, Walnuts, White Choco Drops
The Monkey's Hat - Banana, Brownies, Caramel
The Pinoy Hat - Choc Nut, Barquillos, Cashew
The Lover's Hat - Red Cherry, Dark Choco Drops, Cashew

Now available in all Metro Manila and Provincial outlets!
Metro Manila Outlets:
• Alabang Town Center
• Glorietta 3
• Greenbelt 5
• Robinson’s Place Ermita
• Robinson’s Galleria
• Rustan’s Makati
• Shangri-La Mall
• SM Fairview – Annex 2
• SM Mall of Asia
• SM Marikina
• SM North Edsa – Annex Bldg.
• Tomas Morato

Provincial Outlets:
• Gaisano Mall, Davao City
• Marquee Mall
• SM Baguio
• SM Cebu
• SM Sta. Rosa

Soon to Open:
• Greenhills – Wilson
• Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street
• Landmark Trinoma
• Gateway

You can also visit TWH Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.