Monday, April 19, 2010

Dennis The Grill Boy's Crispy Pork Sisig is the Best

Nice and I have been looking for an affordable restaurant which offers a variety of Pinoy meals that we can eat for lunch. We found Dennis The Grill Boy in MOA, where we had eaten the best sisig ever. It was very yummy and yes, crispy. It only costs P83, served with rice, atsara and a glass of drink of your choice. You just have to add P10 if you want it with egg. I give it an honest 10/10 score.
We also ordered Lechon Kawali for only P83. It was good, too. 8 out of 10 if I am going to rate it. We really enjoyed our meal, even at a budgeted cost, and we promised to come back again to Dennis' for their crispy sisig and to try their other specialties :P


MinnieRunner said...

Hey Yobs, nice meeting you at the NatGeo.

I'm really not a fan of sisig for it made me dizzy after eating one.

Nicely said...

@MinnieRunner: Ang sarap nga eh... Ok lang, lemonade naman ang ininom namin para ma-neutralize ang cholesterol! hehe!

Moderator said...

anubayun may extra charge ang egg. tskkk i like sisig pa naman

Nicely said...

@Moderator: Ganun talaga... wala ng libre ngaun. Di bale, di hamak naman na mas masarap talaga pag may egg ang sisig so it's worth the pay :D