Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cafe By The Ruins' Crispy Tapa, Pinikpikan, Mountain Rice & Strawberry Juice

I have been hearing positive feedbacks about Cafe By The Ruins from local and foreign tourists in Baguio City. They say it is the most unique restaurant in the city when it comes to structure, menu and philosophy. The Cafe By The Ruins supports Lia Llamado as she said, "The rich friendships and sense of family love is what makes the Cafe what it is: an asylum, a sanctuary, a home - to everyone, as much as it is to us."While my friend and I were scanning our Lonely Planet Philippines 2009 for a place where we could have lunch, we found the name in the list and decided to try it. I asked the server what their specialty is and he recommended Suzie's Crispy Tapa for me and Pinikpikan for Shigeo. Suzie's Crispy Tapa (P210) is everyone's instant favorite. It is a combo meal of fried shredded and seasoned beef on top of mountain rice, served with fresh tomato-onion relish and a cup of beef broth. I loved the crisp of the tapa. You will really enjoy each bite as you hear the crunch and as you savor the taste, its perfectly fine taste. Pinikpikan (P210) is a traditional Cordillera dish for well-being, a chicken soup for rituals which also contains etag or salted pork. Although Shigeo did not like the taste because according to him it was "malansa," I super liked it. I am a "soup person" and I enjoyed each sip because I loved its ginger-y taste that gives a soothing feeling to the one eating it. Do you want to know how this dish is being done? Check it out here.

This is organic Mountain Rice, reddish in color, referred to by locals as "kintoman." It is considered a healthy, flavorful alternative to white rice. Easily available at the Baguio City Market and specialty shops, this is a more natural option preferred by the health-conscious. (Source)
I also ordered Strawberry Juice (140) for refreshment. Having blended fresh strawberry juice after kilometers of walking under the heat of the sun and while waiting for our food to arrive gave me a refreshing feeling and recharged my system to keep me going. It was indeed thirst-quenching!

My Cafe By The Ruins experience for sure won't be the last. I shall return!

Café By The Ruins
23 Chuntug, Baguio City
Tel. 442-4010/446-4010/Fax. 442-5272


Ira Hey said...

indeed cafe by the ruins adequately satisfies the gastro :-)

Nicely said...

@Ira Hey: Yes, and I am planning to go back there when I visit Baguio again.

MinnieRunner said...

Looks tempting (the Crispy Tapa). Maybe we got to try this one when we visit back Baguio. :)

Nicely said...

@MinnieRunner: Go and have a taste of CBTR's Crispy Tapa... It's really crunchy, perfect to partner with mountain rice. Yum-yum!

janettetoral.com said...

Hi Nicely. Very nice menu selection there. I will try this when I visit Baguio this year.

Moderator said...

dati pinapakinggan ko lang ang Pinikpikan ngayon gusto ko na syang tikman. haha

Nicely said...

@Miss Janette: Yes, please do so. Hindi ka po magsisisi :) Try mo po yung crispy tapa ha? Don't forget. Hehe!

@Moderator (Mekinudols): Sana naman next akyat ko sa Baguio, kayo na ang kasama ko :)