Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our 10/17/09 faMEALy Dinner: Ginataang Lobsters

Daddy gladly bought 2 kilograms of lobsters at the wet market in Rosario, Cavite and I shamelessly say that this is my first time to eat one. I used to wonder how it tastes because I just kept on seeing it in photos and now, well, I have come to break it down in just 15 minutes.

But before that, I took a photo of it in raw condition, before it was put in the pan.
And after Mommy has simmered it in coconut milk for a couple of minutes, this is how it looks like. Yummy, isn't it?
Then, it is judgement time! I got a piece and ate it with rice. The meat is so yummy it tastes like crab meat... but it also tastes like shrimp. So you just can imagine the savor of this crustacean - richly meaty, orangey egg-y, kind of sweet, and high in cholesterol.
That is why I am feeling dizzy now... Just an unsolicited advice, eat lobsters moderately. It can trigger high blood, really. Ice-cold pineapple juice, please!!!

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Mitzi and Reg said...

oh my gosh that looks so good!!