Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Vegetarian and Get That Perfect Body You've Always Wanted!

With today's kind of lifestyle people are having, we try to resort to anything that will give us convenience and will make our lives easier. Microwavable and instant foods are in, especially for people who are in a rush. Of course, we all know that these kinds of food are unhealthy, along with lack of exercise. And this kind of lifestyle, most often than not, is the major root of obesity.

Being raised in a family who is health-conscious, I always see to it that I am eating the right food and having the right exercise that my body needs. Eversince, I go for vegetables and whenever I go home at Batangas, I make sure Inay cooks veggies. It is really a healthy option and one alternative I will recommend to everyone who wants to lose weight.

According to a study conducted by Cancer Research UK, where dietary habits of around 22,000 subjects were observed over a 5-year period, people who ate meat and continued doing so in the next 5 years gained more weight than those who switched to becoming vegetarians. The meat eaters gained around 2 kilos while the vegetarians gained only 0.5 kilos. (Source)

Aside from that, protein from vegetables definitely has lesser fat and calorie content than protein coming from a meat source, plus the high fiber content of vegetables makes you feel fuller faster and therefore you eat lesser quantities of food and lose weight.

So, why not go vegetarian and together let's get that perfect body we've always wanted!

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