Thursday, September 17, 2009

Delize's Sansrival by Jill Sandique

The disadvantage of having a food blog: I am on a diet to lose some pounds in a month for a certain purpose (yes, a beachcapade), but I am always tempted to taste (or say, eat) all the food in front of me because I feel that it is both my obligation and honor to share the bites with you, my readers. “No, thanks. I’m full” is a big no-no.

And can you guess what was in front of me a while ago? A whole round of Sansrival from Delize by Jill Sandique. Good thing I had to share it with my officemates, I munched on a slice only. (Thanks, guys, for saving me from CALORIES!!!)

Who by the way is Jill Sandique? She is none other than the “Queen of Sansrival.” There is no doubt why her sansrival tastes great. At first bite, closing my eyes unconsciously, I moaned, “Mmmm… Masarap s’ya...” and I really meant it.

The buttercream melts in your mouth and is so creamy you can even forget how your most recent break-up felt. The layered meringue is not too sweet and perfectly complements the creaminess of its icing. What makes it more delicious are the pistachio bits which serve as the cake’s “crowning glory.” The neutralizing effect of pistachio’s crisp and salt gives a different twist to a supposed-to-be too-sweet-to-taste dessert.

I congratulate Ms. Sandique for a job well done. Keep it up!

If you want to order, you may contact Jill Sandique of Delize at (02)7217022 or visit the store at 33 Sunrise Drive, Cubao, Quezon City.

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nokia said...

its good, but mine was melted due to trafic. this is the reason why i opted other cakes for giveaways, para di matunaw... but the SR is awesome