Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clam Soup and Steamed Brocolli with Oyster Sauce @ Mannang's Restaurant, Mall of Asia

Seafoods and vegetables are my favorite, especially when they are served with soup. This time, Nice and I ate at Mannang's, the local version and company sister of Mann Hann, to try their clam soup and steamed brocolli with oyster sauce.

The Clam Soup is great as the taste of combined ginger and kinchay soothes the throat. It has a relaxing effect on me, perhaps because of these two ingredients' minty flavor. The truth is, I was not feeling well that time but the headache was gone after I finished my three-time bowl of clam soup.

Brocolli - there is nothing special about this dish except that it is a vegetable, which I always crave for, and that it is Nice's favorite. Mannang cooked it the way I like it: steamed, half-cooked, crunchy and with oyster sauce.

Date & Venue: July 30, 2009 / Venue: Mannang's Restaurant, Mall of Asia

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