Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lian, Batangas

I was invited to take an overnight vacation at Lian, Batangas; at my cousin's husband's hometown. It is near Matabungkay though we haven't had the time to stroll around. The place is purely farmlands. It is such a quiet place - all you can hear are crickets, birds and frogs' sounds. and the "moo" of the carabaos, as well.

I once said to Ann, my cousin, if I am going to be heartbroken again, I would go back in Lian, even without her. It's a place for thinking and reflecting. There's no problem, I now know how to go there, right? *devil's laugh*

I enjoyed taking pictures in the ricefields, plus the fact that the people there are warm and cool - in its truest sense. Warm because they are hospitable and friendly, and cool because they are all funny and cheerful. Everyone fills my stomache. Apple mangoes taste great. My favorite! There was never a time I stopped eating! Gosh, my tummy strikes again. I was so so bloated I couldn't help but accept all their offers. "Hmmm... stop pretending, girl, I know you liked the foods," said my conscience.

How to get there:
From Robinson's Pala-pala, get the bus with the signboard "Lian (Nasugbu)." It is a 3-hour travel, aircon trip costs P104 only. Tell the conductor to get you to Bagbag Bridge. At Bagbag Bridge, you can walk straight to Laparan residence crossing ricefields and highlands.

Here are some pics taken during my stay in Lian, Batangas.


Nita said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. We're out of the country for 2 weeks kasi. Have a great weekend!

misa said...

I've been here in Lian but i didn't see the place where there is trees taht has a lot's of fruits. Like a farm. I been in Lian Resort and also in
Resort, every time i visit here in Batangas and i really really love it! hope i can visit in a place like this too.

BatangasNgaun said...

nc blog.. ganda talaga sa batagas mimiss ko tuloy mga relatives ko sa agoncillo, balete, alitagtag

mazzini said...

Madalas kami ng family ko sa San Juan,San Luis,San Pascual,San Teresita at Santo Tomas. mahilig kami mag roadtrip.

lito said...

ang dami talgang mgaganda lugar, mga babae haha at msasarap na pagkain sa batangas
pati dito sa sto.tomas
kaya sa darating na halalan si Arman Sanchez ang iboboto ko,
im proud to be batangueno